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    All you need to know?

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    We have summarized all relevant steps with regard to your participation as well as the competition-event.

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Congratulation on taking part! Look forward to a thrilling two-day-event with more than 3,000 sports enthusiasts and athletes from over 50 nations all striving to give their maximum effort on the rowing ergometer. And you are part of this spectacular event!

The edel-optics.de Arena is one of Hamburg's most modern arenas, barrier-free and easy to reach by public transport. We hope that all will be well during your stay and have put together all the information you need starting from the registration to the legendary after-row-party.

Welcome to the WRICH2022!



A detailed list of race categories and the entry system can be found on here:



Qualification guide for virtual slots

Competitors must qualify for one of the 15 virtual slots (per race category) at the 2022 WRICH.

More information: Qualification Guide

Competitors will not need to qualify in advance if they register to compete in Hamburg (i.e. “in-person”).


Entry fees

Entry fees for in-person competitors of the WRICH is EUR 30 and for virtual competitors it is EUR 25.

There are different fees for other National and local events. Please follow the registration link for more information.


Potrait Package

Digital participant souvenir photo via a professional photographer at the venue, with the official WRICH 2022 logo background. This offer is only for Physical participants. Price: EUR 5



We encourage you here to make a donation in addition to the participation fee when you register, compensate a part of the Co2-footprint. You decide the amount.



Withdrawals must be declared as soon as possible and at any time during the entry period to registration@wrichhamburg2022.com. Please note that withdrawing from a race will open up that spot for another competitor. No refunds will be given for withdrawals.


Weightclass - Lightweight

For the WRICH, no individual lightweight male rower may weigh more than 75 kg and no individual female rower may weigh more than 61.5 kg.

Lightweight rowers shall be weighed wearing only their racing uniform on tested scales not less than one (1) hour and not more than two (2) hours before their first race of each lightweight event in which they are competing, each day of the competition.

  • For Physical participants:
    Lightweight competitors must pick up their Race Cards before weighing in.
  • For Virtual participants:
    Virtual competitors who successfully qualify for the WRICH will be emailed directly with instructions on how to weigh in prior to competition. Weigh in instructions for competitors trying to qualify for the WRICH can be found in the Qualification Guide.

In the event that a competitor exceeds the maximum weight in their lightweight race category, they will be excluded from the race.



You will receive a confirmation via e-mail for your registration. If this is not the case and there is nothing in your spam folder, please contact us using our contact form.


Book a hotel

Hamburg is a big city, but we expect more than 3,000 participants. So make sure you secure your accommodation in good time. We have several options on offer for you. You can find more information hier.​​​​​​​


Map of the hall

You need an overview of how to find the accreditation desk, the changing rooms and the competition area as well as the catering?

You will find the map here shortly.


Route to venues

Whether you travel by bus and train, your own car or the teambus - the edel-optics.de Arena is easy to find and can also be reached by public transport.

You can find out more about this here.



The authority of World Rowing regarding anti-doping is set out in World Rowing’s Statutes, Rules and Bye-Laws and the World Anti-Doping Code and Regulations and includes the ability to implement in- and out-of-competition drug testing and the biological passport. All participants must read and accept the World Rowing Rower’s Commitment Form and WADA Athlete Consent Form during online registration. Both virtual and physical competitors may be subject to doping control. More information can be found at the following links:

In Germany, AFLD is in charge of control and all rowers may be subject to anti-doping testing at this year’s event​​​​​​​.



Physical participants:
Race Cards must be issued to competitors on 24, 25 and 26 February 2022, at the Athlete Check-in Desk at
edel-optics.de Arena. Race Cards will be available for pick up by last name. Race cardsmust be picked up no later than one hour prior to race time.

Competitors will be required to show their Race Card in order to weigh-in and to enter the Competition Floor. Lightweight competitors must pick up their Race Cards before weighing in.

Virtual Participants:
All race related information including race codes to enter the online race lobby will be shared by email.


Medals and awards

World Rowing will present world championship medals (gold, silver and bronze) to the top three finishers in all World Rowing Indoor Championships race categories.

German Rowing Federation will present national championship medals (gold, silver, and bronze) to the top three German finishers in all events designated as German Indoor Rowing Championship events. German Rowing Federation will also award National medals to the top three finishers in the Exhibition events.


Competition day

Physical participants:

The process of accreditation will take some time, as well as changing into your sport attire, warming up and going to the actual competition area. Please plan accordingly to give yourself sufficient time for all the steps before your race.

The 2nd floor will be permanently open for warming up. Please arrive in the marshalling area on the lowest level in good time. Access to the competition area will only be granted shortly before your race starts.

All rooms are barrier-free accessible.

If you have any queries, please contact our volunteers at any time.

Virtual participants:

Competitors must enter the homerace lobby (links will be shared later) 40 minutes before their race.


Outside assistance

Crews are reminded that they are not to receive outside assistance during a race except from the unaided voice and only from the public stand. No coaches are allowed on the race floor. Classified visually and intellectually impaired rowers may receive verbal status only from one coach who can sit behind them.



If the pandemic regulations allow for the after-row party, it will definitely be the highlight of two engaging and thrilling sportdays.

More on that topic on a later date.

NOTE to all competitors:

World Rowing and the Organising Committee are carefully monitoring the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the safety of hosting this event. Specific COVID-19 countermeasures will be announced to all physical competitors prior to the event. All competitors, supporters, volunteers, and officials will be required to abide by these countermeasures in order to participate in the event. 

While it is anticipated that the in-person portion of the 2022 WRICH will take place, a decision deadline has been set for 1 December 2021. Should the situation caused by COVID-19  change such that it would be unsafe or unfeasible to host the in-person portion of the WRICH, the decision for the WRICH to shift to a fully virtual format would be taken by this date.