Are you looking for a long-sleeved shirt, special rowing-clothes or something else for your favorite sport? Great! Because at the WRICH2022 it will be well worth exploring the whole range of sporting attire on the exhibition area. If you have a little time left to browse, you are sure to quickly find what you are looking for. The following providers will be present on site:



Concept2 has been manufacturing world-class products for rowing since 1976. Those who choose Concept2 rely on decades of experience and the highest quality. It's not without reason that pretty much all national and international competitions worldwide are held on Concept2 rowing ergometers. With a Concept2 machine you can get fitter, lose excess weight, win competitions or get fit for another sport.

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New Wave


New Wave has been developing and producing its functional clothing directly in Germany since 1992. The production site in Berlin offers excellent opportunities to offer the clothing worldwide. Since the requirements in sports are constantly evolving, New Wave creates the clothing in close cooperation with the athletes. After all, the athlete is the focus and should be optimally supported in his or her performance. To ensure fair social standards, fabrics and materials are sourced exclusively from Europe.