• Get involved!

    Get involved!

    Come over and support us!

    Our team is happy to welcome volunteers.


  • Get involved!

    Get involved!


    Come over and support us!

    Our team is happy to welcome volunteers.



We are very pleased that you would like to be a volunteer at the World Rowing Indoor Championships 2022 in Hamburg. Now there are only a few steps left before we officially accept your application to the group of volunteers! Please click on the orange button below and enter your full name and the access code "volunteers_WRICH2022" on our accreditation portal. After your initial registration you will receive a confirmation email together with your personal access code. Now you can access your personal profile at any time and adjust it if necessary.

In addition, we would like to help volunteers find accommodation during the event.

NOTE: There are several mandatory fields when registering. Among other things, you have to upload a portrait photo for later accreditation (cell phone photo is sufficient). This is mandatory and has to be done otherwise the accreditation will not be completed.

We have summarized all possible questions and answers in our FAQs.

Yes, I want to volunteer my help

Host a Volunteer

With our “Host a Volunteer” program, we are will be offering to accommodate volunteers with help of “local” helpers. Volunteers from all over Germany will register as well as international volunteers. A unique event such as the WRICH2022 being hosted in a modern city such as Hamburg is a remarkable opportunity to establish new contacts and friends among the volunteers from all parts of Germany and the world.

If you live in Hamburg or the surrounding area and would consider offering other vo-lunteers a guestroom or couch as a sleeping place for the duration of the “World Rowing Indoor Championships”, then please indicate that you would help with our “hosting” program when registering. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the further procedure.

We are looking for volunteers for following areas:


This is the central meeting-point where athletes pick up their accreditation, also where we set up new applications. If you would like to work here, you should in general be calm and composed under stress. You will be working in the center of it all and be fully immersed in the WRICH 2022 action! The work will be organized in shifts and will also have sufficient breaks so that you can still enjoy the pleasure and excitement all around the World Cup.

Areas of application: Entrance area for athletes; and competition hall



The divisional managers need a lot of support in many areas. This predominantly organizational task requires a high degree of flexibility and abundant time.

Areas of application: depends on the area​​​​​​​

Helper for assembly and dismantling

Especially in the four days prior to the World Cup as well as the final day of dismantling, we need several helping hands. These jobs involve light physical exertion.

Areas of application: competition area


Medical doctors

We will be requiring two to three doctors, who can help in the hall during the days of the event if athletes are injured. A corresponding doctor's room will be set up in the hall.

Areas of application: competition area, doctor's room


Crew catering

All helpers will be provided with food and beverage throughout the day. Catering will be served for up to a 100 persons, food and drinks will be available throughout the day and we must tidy up here as well. This area is actually the “epicenter” of the event and good spirtited and cheery helpers are preferred.

Areas of application: crew catering room


Admission staff

Issue, admission control and ticket inspection – this is where check and authorize the access credentials. In addition to the main entrance for spectators and fans, there will be an additional entry point for athletes.

Areas of application: Hall entrances, within the competition area.


Assistants for inclusion competitions

We need help and assistance especially for our inclusive participants. This means helping to unload wheelchairs for example, assisting the athletes on entering the hall and other competition areas. Volunteers will also be available for all specific questions and answers regarding the needs of this group.

Areas of application: Mainly in the competition hall, eventually outside the hall on arrival.



We need several helpers organizing and helping spectators with their seating and checking entry-tickets for access. There will be sufficient and appropriate breaks for volunteers.

Areas of application: Hall entrances, entrance areas to the competition area venue


Media Center

The national and international press is catered for in the media office. Helpers here will be deployed in all venues used for reporting and will assist in preparing general information for journalists as well as TV production companies. Volunteers will be involved in maintaining the editorial website, tracking relevant statistics and catering for photo enquiries and other requirements of the media.

Areas of application: Mainly media center

Award ceremony organization

Due to the large number of award ceremonies that will take place in the short breaks between competitions, this team will be working independently. This area will be supervised by your own group organizing the procedure and implementation.

Areas of application: competition hall



This job offer is particularly for persons familiar and well acquainted with technology. They have to look after the Internet-connections, the sound system as well as taking care of the power facilities. Volunteers who may have worked in lighting or in the technical management at events, please indicate your special area of expertise.



You can’t find the right job description supporting any of the organizational teams here? No problem! Register as a “support-jumper”, and we will deploy you on a daily basis wherever a job is to be done or support needed!



The VIP area needs persons who are very communicative and feel at ease in a highclass and international environment. This assignment includes catering as well as assisting at the entrance when issuing the VIP wristbands.

Areas of application: VIP area

Competition helper

On the actual event floor within the competition hall we need various volunteers helping to organize and control the competition procedures. Helpers will assist and advice participants regarding the sporting equipment. Additional language skills (especially English) are of advantage.