Answers to the ten most relevant questions for volunteers:

When does the competition take place?

The World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH 2022) are scheduled for two days on February 25th and 26th, 2022. Some “unofficial races” may also be held on February 24th. The address of the venue is: Kurt-Emmerich-Platz 10-12, 21109 Hamburg.

Where is the venue located in Hamburg?

The edel-optics.de Arena, also known as Inselparkhalle, is located in the Hamburg suburb of Wilhelmsburg and is the former exhibition site of the 2013 International Garden Show. The basketball players from Hamburg Towers are currently playing their home games for the premier league here. The edel-optics.de arena was also the venue for the 2018 wheelchair basketball world championships and is barrier-free.

How do I get to the venue?

The easiest route is by taking the S-Bahn in Hamburg. From the stop “Wilhelmsburg train station” it's just a five-minute walk to the site. The S-Bahn usually takes 18 minutes from the main train station. You use the lines “S 3” and “S 31” to Wilhelmsburg that are scheduled every six minutes during rush hour.

If you prefer coming by bus, you can use the following entrances to the Inselpark:

Entrance Neuenfelder Straße: stop Inselpark, buslines: M13, 34, 151, 152, 154, 156 and 252.

Entrance Kuckuckshorn: stop Trettaustraße, busline: 154.

Entrance Kornweide: Stop Kornweide, busLine: 152, 153, 154.

For the day of your deployment, you will receive a free ticket for that specific Hamburg-area (HHV-ticket). However, trips beyond this point are not included in the ticket.


Those who prefer cycling will find a bike rental staion at the “StadtRAD station” at the Neuenfelder Straße entrance.

It is also possible to travel by car. However, there is a immense shortage of parking space on site. The parking lot at the event hall itself is at Neuenfelder Straße 31 but is privately managed and can therefore only be used when paying an hourly or daily fee. In the immediate vicinity of the venue, parking offenders are very often towed away without prior warning. Please note, that this is strictly enforced in Hamburg especially at events!

What are the operating times?

The venue will be opening one hour before the beginning of the first competition. All helpers will meet up at their stations two hours before the first competition. Depending on the area, there will be individual arrangements as well, as not ALL helpers are needed at the same time and there will be different working shifts depending on the deployment and area. After the last competition, the hall will be closed within one hour after that.

What influence does the corona situation have on me as a volunteer?

Nobody can reliably forecast or predict the development of the pandemic. We therefore have put parallel plans in place adjusting the event to the most likely scenarios. We do assure you that the health of both volunteers and athletes is our top priority. Accordingly, we will prepare for everything within our means. Appropriate concepts with and without Corona are currently being planned and will be communicated prior to the event.

Do I receive “work clothing” for my assignment at WRICH 2022?

Every volunteer will receive an event shirt for each day of the assignment because we want to have a uniform appearance, the event-shirts are mandatory. The division managers will decide on what you wear prior to your deployment. During the assembly and dismantling days, you are free to choose your clothing when on duty at the site. You should bear in mind that the hall will then have open doors in many places making it significantly colder than on the days of the actual event. Additionally, there may also be a brief assignments in front of the hall (loading and unloading processes). It is a good idea on taking a thick sweater or jacket with you.

How will I be catered for?

Every volunteer will have access to food and beverage during his or her entire work shift. It is important for us to offer a varied and balanced diet. There will also be several vegetarian and vegan dishes on offer but if you prefer meals with meat, you will have enough choice as well. We ask you to indicate this in your registration IN ANY CASE. We will base our purchasing and catering on actual requirements.

In which areas can I stay when not on duty?

Once accredited all volunteers have access to the spectator stands. There will also be a catering meeting-point for all volunteers. You may stay in these two areas when you are not on duty and if you would like to watch the competitions. But when not on shift you are politely requested to refrain from entering the venue. There will be a large number of volunteers involved during the competions, so that additional people without tasks would lead to more people in general.

Can I bring friends into the venue?

Access to the event and the competion hall is basically free for all visitors and spectators who have to register at the entrance so that the venue is not overcrowded. If you want to obtain a seat in the competion hall, you may also book a ticket via the event page. This will be online starting November 2021. Depending on the situation with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic and the requirements for larger sporting events in Hamburg, the hall capacity of 2,000 seats may be reduced significantly.

Will there be a after-event party?

At the moment, of course, we are still a cautious about planning such an event. Get-togethers and partys are currently not permitted so we have plan on a short-term basis. If the rate and scale of infections increase in autumn once again or if other factors do not allow a after-event party, we will decide at short notice. But in general, all volunteers will be granted free entry for this eventual closing party.

Yes, I want to volunteer my help