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An accessible hall and para rowing races are of course important, but inclusion is about much more.

We have organized several unified events and as well as races for unified teams to allow all athletes with and without impairments to compete together:

Join us and become part of an inclusive WRICH!

Classification for Para-Athletes

World Rowing Classification is required for the World Rowing Indoor Championships PR1, PR2, and PR3 events. To view the list of athletes who have been internationally classified, please viewthe Master Athlete Classification List on the https://worldrowing.com/technical/para-rowing-classification/ of the World Rowing Website.

Athletes taking part in these events who have not yet been internationally classified may request to be classified the day prior to competition (24 February 2022). Both physical and visual impairment classification is likely to be available. In order to request a classification appointment, athletes must submit medical documentation to World Rowing (links below). These documents, with all additional medical documentation as listed on page 2 of the Medical Diagnostic Forms, must be submitted via the athlete’s National Federations using the World Rowing Classification portal 45 days prior to classification, i.e. no later than 10 January 2022. Please send these documents to your National Federation well in advance of this date. Athletes and their National Federations that submit documentation after this deadline will not be guaranteed a classification opportunity in Hamburg.

Medical Diagnostics Form for PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENT

Medical Diagnostics Form for VISUAL IMPAIRMENT

Competitors with an intellectual impairment may compete in a PR3-II (Intellectually Impaired) category if they are listed as eligible on the VIRTUS international master athlete list. In order for the athlete to be added to the VIRTUS international master athlete list, the athlete must go through a series of assessments with a trained educational psychologist (or equivalent in their nation). Once the assessments are completed the results must go to their country’s VIRTUS member organisation national eligibility officer (NEO) who will assess them once again, and pass them on to the VIRTUS International Eligibility Committee. Once the paperwork has been approved and fee paid, the name of the athlete will appear on the master Athlete list. The Virtus Eligibility Committee can take up to 12 weeks for a name to appear if the Committee has to go back to the athlete for further evidence. Athletes should ensure that their name appears on the VIRTUS international master athlete least prior to the entry deadline for the event. For further information on VIRTUS, please visit their website at https://www.virtus.sport/ .

CLASSIFICATION: https://worldrowing.com/technical/para-rowing-classification/

For more information on how to become classified by World Rowing, and for more information about para rowing and classification regulations, please visit:

For questions about international classification, please email classification@worldrowing.com

Please note all PR1 and PR2 athletes are required to attend the fitting session on the morning ofFriday, 25 February at the edel-optics.de Halle. No exceptions.​​​​​​​