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    The competition events

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    Wether you're looking for international, national or local events, wether you're younger or older, wether on a competitive or fun level - you'll certainly find the appropriate competitive event suited to you.

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As easy as it can be! The WRICH2022 in Hamburg are open for all!

Hamburg will not only host the 2022 World Rowing Indoor Championships, but also race categories in several national and local events or different categories, including para-rowing.

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A detailed list of events and the entry system can be found on here:


Students, master-rowers or even corporates colleagues, with or without a handicap, can join the competition taking part in diverse formats such as the ergo-marathon amongst others.

Various other novel races spice up the program making it a colorful bouquet of competitions that has something in store for everyone.

A professional team of moderators, music and lighting effects, delicious refreshments and interesting shopping-offers will round up this special event.

We are very much looking forward to emotional and exciting days with all participants.


Competition days at a glance

Friday February 25th

  • German University Indoor Championship
  • Hamburg Schools Indoor Rowing Challenge
  • Ergo-Marathon 2022
  • World Rowing Indoor Championships (500m) from 14:00 CET onwards

Saturday February 26th

  • German Talentecup (DRJ TC)
  • German University Indoor Championship
  • German National Indoor Championship (DREM)
  • World Rowing Indoor Championships (2000m) from 09:00 CET to 17:00 CET
  • Team events from 17:15 CET onwards

Event age classifications at a glance

Under 17 (German Championships only): A competitor may compete in the U17 category if he/she shall not have attained the age of 17 by race day.

Under 19: A competitor may compete in the U19 category if he/she shall not have attained the age of 19 by race day.

Under 23: A competitor may compete in the U23 category if he/she shall not have attained the age of 23 by race day

Open: Open events are open to competitors of any age

Masters: A master athlete is a competitor who has attained, or will attain, the age of 30 on race day. A competitor’s age is determined on the day of the race. Masters competitors are required to race within the event designated for their age category but they can choose to race in open category if they want to.

Masters Age Categories 500m: 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, 100 and over.

Masters Age Categories 2.000m: 30-39, 40-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100 and over.


All competitions at a glance

If you click on a competition name below, you will get all relevant information and obligatory documents on that particular competition.

World Rowing Indoor Championships

The World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH) is the official world championship for the discipline of indoor rowing. This event is held annually in different cities typically towards the end of February and has been ongoing since 2018. Hamburg will be the host city for 2022 and is being organized by the federal Hamburg Rowing Association (AAC / NRB).

At this international sporting event, the best athletes of all age groups compete over 500 and 2,000 metres from all over the world on the Concept2 rowing ergometer.

The 2022 World Rowing Indoor Championships will be a hybrid competition. All competitors will be able to compete in person at the edel-optics.de Arena in Hamburg, or try to qualify for a limited number of virtual places in WRICH race categories. For further information on this hybrid format, please visit our Participants page.




German National Indoor Championship

The German Rowing Association (DRV) will host the 26th German Ergometer Championships in 2022. All competitions will be held open to all ages, weight- and handicap-classes.




German University Indoor Championships

The 7th German University Championships on the rowing ergometer are also being discussed as part of the WRICH2022 in coorperation with the German University Sports Association (adh) and Hochschulsport Hamburg.

Students from colleges and universities in Germany are eligible to participate.

RACE LISTS (coming soon)


Invictus Races

With the Invictus Races, we are pursuing the goal of giving wounded, injured and sick soldiers greater awareness and recognition in society and supporting them on their path to rehabilitation.




Hamburg Schools Indoor Rowing Challenge

The Hamburg School Rowing Association is hosting the 30th ergometer race for all pupils and schools in Hamburg as part of WRICH2022.

RACE LISTS (coming soon)


DRJ-Talentecup (German Telentecup)

The DRJ-Talentecup (DRJ TC) includes the races of the children's age groups and will be held for the first time as part of the World Rowing Indoor Championships. These single races are also open for non-members of a German Rowing Association (DRV) member-club.




Ergo-Marathon 2022

The Ergo-Marathon 2022 is traditionally organized as part of the the RUDEREI races. Athletes of all ages, weight- and handicap-classes who would like to take on this endurance distance are welcome to participate.

The speciality is a novel evaluation system calculating handicap-points.

RACE LISTS (coming soon) REGISTRATION (coming soon)


Company Indoor Rowing Competition

Companies may compete both in-house as well as against other companies in several ergometer challenges in all classes which will promote collegial exchange.

REGISTRATION (coming soon)


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