• Green Event

    Green Event

    Make WRICH2022 more sustainable

    We are compensating a major part of the ecological footprint resulting from the WRICH2022 and will put our green future first.

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We know that every event leaves an ecological footprint. So we will share responsibility and present an ecological concept for the WRICH 2022 that combines the sustainable use of resources balancing the loads that will be occur on any accord. And this is where you can help too!

Primarily, we are asking all World Cup participants to utilize all means of public transport, especially when traveling to and from the event. We are currently putting together a special offer for participants commuting on routes in Hamburg. We will publish further details in autumn.

Furthermore, we will be informing you at regularly on this website about additional green events that we are planning in accordance with the event.

In a second step, we will compensate part of the Co2-footprint resulting directly from the event. We encourage you here to make a donation in addition to the participation fee when you register

With the green-event-donation we will be supporting two specific projects:

GODAWARI Power & ISPAT-Projekt

First, the “GODAWARI Power & ISPAT Project”, a biomass power plant operated in India that in addition to reducing fossil fuels supports other aspects of sustainable development. The contributions from the CO2-certificates also supports the local families. You can find out more on this project onlline via http://godawaripowerispat.com.This project is classified as "Gold Standard" which is an internationally recognized category of projects with particularly high environmental and social standards. Overall 75 percent of all donations will be invested toward this project.


Another 25 percent will go to the “Sport4Trees” project. We are particularly proud that we could emphasize rowing here because several renowned German rowers support this project which is primarily about the reafforestation of areas in different parts of Africa. In addition to the ecological aspect, this project also helps improve the general living aspects of the local population. Check it out, you will find further information on this sustainable and holistic approach on https://sports4trees.com/ruderwald


A note on the side: Both compensation projects are based abroad. That means that they we are not investing into the “compensation account” of the Federal Republic of Germany. Why is that important? Actions or projects related to tree planting or similar events in Germany will be added to the compensatory measures of the German government itself thereby exonerating the country from having to contribute to foreign projects. When investing in projects abroad, we create additional capacities for the protection of the global environment.

Finally, it is important for us to emphasize that our actions will not completely offset the entire ecological footprint of the event. This would require higher financial investments than the existing ones. But the more participants are willing to support our sustainability concept, the more positive change we can generate together.